Child Benefit if a child or parent dies

If one or both parents die

You may be able to get Child Benefit if you become the main carer for the child or children of someone who has died.

Report the death

Tell the Child Benefit Office as soon as possible about the death. You must include the exact date of death, where the child is living now and who’s looking after them.

You can do this either:

Once you tell them about the death, the Child Benefit Office will:

  • cancel payments
  • write to confirm this within 20 days

Make a claim

Child Benefit won’t be transferred to you automatically. You’ll need to make a new claim for Child Benefit if you’re not the person named as the claimant on the original claim form.

Once reported, Child Benefit stops from the Monday following the death. It can only be backdated for up to 3 months.

Bank accounts

You can confirm the bank account you want the money paid into on the claim form.

If you’re the person getting Child Benefit but the money was paid into the deceased’s account, you should choose a different account.

Extra help

You might be eligible for either Guardian’s Allowance or Widowed Parent’s Allowance on top of Child Benefit.

You or your partner may have to pay the High Income Child Benefit tax charge on any Child Benefit you receive.