You can change your charity’s registered name or working name online.

You need to:

  • check your charity’s governing document to see if you have to follow particular procedures to change your charity’s name
  • apply for an updated certificate of incorporation from Companies House showing your new name if your charity is a company

There’s a different process if you’re an NHS charity or charitable incorporated organisation.

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There’s a different process if you’re:

  • an NHS charity and you’re changing your name because you’ve reorganised your services or changed trustees - you’ll need a supplemental deed
  • a charitable incorporated organisation - you’ll need a copy of the resolution agreeing the changes and your updated constitution

Check your governing document for an explanation of these.

Send your documents to the Charity Commission - if you’re a charitable incorporated organisation, you must do this within 15 working days of passing the resolution.

Read about what you should do if you’re a Royal Charter charity.