1. Anti-dumping duty, 'countervailing' and other trade defence measures

    World Trade Organization rules prevent artificially cheap imports from damaging markets. This guide explains how anti-dumping duties and 'countervailing' measures work

  2. Assessment of export licence applications: criteria and policy

    How applications for strategic controlled goods (ie military or dual-use items) are assessed against the Consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria.

  3. Border Inspection Posts for live animals and animal products

    Details of the veterinary certificates needed and the procedures at BIPs for the import of live animals and products of animal origin (POAO).

  4. Brokering (trade) of dual-use items

    Controls on the brokering of goods that could be used as parts or accessories for weapons of mass destruction and need an export licence.

  5. Chemical Weapons Convention guidance

    Guidance for those producing, processing, consuming, importing or exporting chemicals covered by the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)

  6. Chemicals: international trade regulations

    Guidance for importers and exporters on which chemicals are controlled and how to comply with regulations on hazardous substances.

  7. Compliance and enforcement of export controls

    The types of records exporters should keep, how compliance is enforced, and why licences may be suspended or revoked.

  8. Conflict minerals

    Encouraging British companies trading in minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo to be socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

  9. Controls on radioactive sources

    The scope of the Radioactive Sources (Control) Order 2006: which substances are controlled and how to apply for an export licence.

  10. Controls on torture goods

    Information on goods controlled under the EU Torture Regulation (including licensing of drugs used in execution by lethal injection).

  11. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora controls: import and export of protected species

    How to obtain the import and export permits required for protected animals and plants (includes a list of the species covered).

  12. Creative and cultural: international trade regulations

    Regulations for whole productions or scenery, props and costumes, for museum artefacts, artworks and antiques, and details about Film Tax Relief.

  13. Crown exemption for controlled military list equipment and technology owned by the UK MOD

    Exemptions from Export and Trade Control licence for controlled military goods owned by the Crown.

  14. Current arms embargoes and other restrictions

    Details of arms embargoes, trade control restrictions, defence export policies and restrictions on terrorist organisations.

  15. Customs clearance for animals and animal products

    The Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) is an online system that makes it easier for importers and exporters to provide health certification and track consignments of animals or animal products.

  16. Do I need an export licence?

    Which exports are controlled and therefore require a licence, how to apply and what compliance responsibilities you'll have.

  17. Dual-use open general export licences

    Pre-published export licences relating to goods and technology that have both civil and military applications.

  18. EU General Export Authorisations

    How EU GEA licences authorise the export of specified controlled dual-use goods to certain countries outside the EU.

  19. EU timber regulation: guidance for business and industry

    The European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR): how to comply as an operator or trader.

  20. Electronic transfer abroad of controlled military technology and software

    How to get an export licence to send military product information or related software applications overseas electronically.

  21. Embargoes and sanctions on Liberia

    Embargoes on Liberia, and how to apply for an export licence.

  22. End-Use Relief

    How to claim relief on duty for certain goods imported into the EU that are to be processed or put to a specific use

  23. End-user and stockist undertakings for SIELs and consignee undertakings for OIELs

    Required supporting documents which need to be completed by end-users when applying for a strategic export licence.

  24. Export control legislation for UK academics and researchers

    Members of the UK academic community may need an export licence if they are sharing technical information with colleagues in other countries or dealing with other controlled items.

  25. Export control training for exporters of strategic goods

    Training courses available to UK exporters of strategic (military and dual-use) goods.

  26. Export licensing of Man-Portable Air Defence Systems

    The UK applies strict national strategic export controls on exporting shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles.

  27. Export of cryptographic items

    Exemptions from strategic export controls as detailed in the cryptographic note of the EU Dual-Use List.

  28. Export of nuclear equipment, material and technology: 'Trigger List' requirements

    Guidance if exporting certain types of controlled sensitive nuclear items on what is known as the 'Trigger List'.

  29. Export of technology

    Export licensing for exporters of controlled technology (ie information used to make controlled goods such as weapons).

  30. Export strategic goods to the Channel Islands

    Find out if you need a strategic goods licence to export to the Channel Islands: how goods are listed on the UK Strategic Export Control Lists

  31. Exporting goods outside the EU

    Customs requirements, duties and VAT you must pay to export goods to a 'third country' outside the EU.

  32. Exporting in support of UK government defence contracts

    Goods in support of UK government defence contracts that require an export licence and use of the Open General Export Licence.

  33. Exporting military goods to the United States

    Find out more about the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and the US/UK Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty.

  34. Extraterritorial Trade Controls

    UK Trade Controls apply to any UK person, anywhere in the world, when they are involved in the supply or delivery of controlled military goods.

  35. FLEGT scheme guidance

    The Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade scheme licences the importation of timber and timber products from partner countries.

  36. Firearms and export control forms

    Exporting firearms, ammunition and related equipment to other countries, including within the EU, for businesses and individuals.

  37. Get the right licences for international trading

    How to check if you need a licence to import or export goods, and the most commonly licensed goods for international trade.

  38. Global Project Licence

    How Global Project Licences can be used to simplify the export of military goods and technology classed as collaborative defence projects.

  39. Healthcare and medical: international trade regulations

    Import and export regulations for the healthcare sector, market trends and drivers, and the UK Trade Tariff and classification of goods.

  40. Import and export licences

    Licences are needed for import and export of military and paramilitary goods, dual-use and technology, artworks, plants and animals, medicines and chemicals - be aware of your responsibilities and who the relevant UK licensing authorities are.

  41. Importing Common Agricultural Policy goods

    How to import food and agriculture products covered by CAP from outside the EU: import licences, duty, import quotas and relief from CAP charges.

  42. Importing animal furs and skins; export of fish

    The prohibitions and restrictions on the import of animal furs and skins into the UK and the export of salmon and trout.

  43. Importing solid ammonium nitrate at 500kg or more

    Regulations to reduce the risk posed by the production, importation and storage of ammonium nitrate.

  44. International non-proliferation and arms control regimes

    Overview about agreements, conventions and treaties which impact on the UK's strategic export control policy and legislation.

  45. Intra-Community Transfer Directive 2009/43/EC

    EU legislation implemented in the Export Control Order 2008 concerning the transfer or export of military goods across the EU

  46. Licence types: FAQs

    Answers to commonly asked questions about applying for and using the different types of licences for exporting controlled goods outside the UK.

  47. Making better licence applications

    Avoiding common errors in goods and product descriptions, understanding common definitions and applying or registering for strategic export licences.

  48. Maritime anti-piracy documentation service

    Hard copy sealed and signed documentation for maritime anti-piracy trade control requirements for UK Private Security Companies (PSCs).

  49. Military End-Use Control

    Some otherwise uncontrolled goods are at risk of being used as parts for, or to manufacture military equipment in an embargoed country.

  50. Military Goods Open General Export Licences

    Find out which Open General Export Licence you need for specific controlled military goods.

  51. Ministry of Defence (MOD) Form 680 applications

    Uses of the Ministry of Defence Form 680, when you need one and how to get one.

  52. Offensive weapons: import controls

    All firearms - except low-powered air weapons - and many offensive weapons are controlled at the time of import into the UK and importing flick and gravity knives is totally prohibited.

  53. Open General Licences: an overview

    Registering for an Open General Licence, information, guidance and advice on licences, which type you need for your goods.

  54. Open General Trade Control Licences

    Types of Open General Trade Control Licence required, conditions and eligible shipment and destinations.

  55. Open Individual Export Licences

    Open Individual Export Licences allow exporters to export multiple shipments of specific goods to specific destinations.

  56. Personal food, plant and animal product imports

    Guidance for individual travellers bringing food or other products with a plant or animal origin into the UK for personal use, or receiving such products by post.

  57. Removing trade barriers for UK exporters

    How to overcome certain tariffs, taxes and trade restrictions if you export goods and services to non-EU countries.

  58. RoHS: compliance and guidance

    Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment: compliance and guidance.

  59. SPIRE: an overview

    How to register on and use SPIRE, the online system for applying for an export licence for military or dual-use products.

  60. Standard Individual Export Licences

    How to apply for a SIEL so you can export controlled goods, and the conditions of use attached to them.

  61. Supplementary Weapons of Mass Destruction End-Use controls

    Export controls applying to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) related activities - transfer of technology and provision of technical support

  62. Trade Control Licences for brokering

    You need a Trade Control Licence if you transfer controlled (military or dual-use) goods between one overseas country and another.

  63. Trade controls (trafficking and brokering)

    Trade control legislation concerns the movement of military goods from one third country to another where the deal is brokered in the UK or by a UK person overseas.

  64. Trade controls on military goods for trade fairs and exhibitions

    Exporting military goods for exhibition or demonstration, categories of goods, guidance and trade controls.

  65. Transhipment licences

    Transhipment licences allow controlled goods to pass through the UK on the way to other destinations: find out when you need one and how to use it.

  66. Transport controls

    Introduction to controls on transport-related activities as result of trade control (trafficking and brokering) legislation administed by the Export Control Organisation

  67. Transport document completion

    How Standard Shipping Notes, Dangerous Goods Notes and Export Cargo Shipping Instructions work, and where you can get them from.

  68. UK Strategic Export Control Lists

    Find out about the lists that control exports, which goods are on the list, when you need to apply for a strategic export licence.

  69. Use and submit Supplementary Declarations

    You must submit Supplementary Declarations (SDs) when you're importing or exporting to work out how much duty you owe.

  70. Using the New Computerised Transit System to move goods across the EU and Common Transit countries

    Access to and use of the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) to submit community transit declarations electronically, for traders.

  71. Weapons of mass destruction: End-Use Control

    How to judge which exports might potentially be of concern on end-use grounds.

  72. Wood packaging: requirements for imports and exports

    Legal and environmental rules and requirements for wooden crates, drums and pallets being used to import and export goods.