Additional detailed guidance from government departments

  • Classification of goods

    How to find Trade Tariff commodity codes for manufactured products, vehicles, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and raw materials.

  • Embargoes and sanctions

    Trade restrictions on exports of arms, military goods and Dual-Use Items to individual countries.

  • Excise duty

    How to pay the levy on fuel, tobacco, alcohol and gambling; licence duty for gaming machines.

  • Export finance

    How UK exporters can apply for loans, lines of credit, guarantees and insurance policies

  • Import and export controls

    Which goods are controlled and how to get licences for them; the UK Strategic Export Control Lists; dealing with the Export Control Organisation (ECO).

  • Import and export procedures

    Customs declarations and documentation, dealing with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), using transit and processing systems, obtaining duty relief.

  • Transporting goods

    Driver and vehicle documents for EU and international road haulage and freight forwarding, permits for dangerous goods and special loads.