Bereavement Support Payment

What you'll get

You’ll get a first payment and then up to 18 monthly payments. There are 2 rates.

Rate First payment Monthly payment
Higher rate £3,500 £350
Lower rate £2,500 £100

If you get Child Benefit (or if you don’t get it but are entitled to it), you’ll get the higher rate.

If you don’t get Child Benefit, you’ll get the lower rate unless you were pregnant when your husband, wife or civil partner died.

You must claim within 3 months of your husband, wife or civil partner’s death to get the full amount. You can claim up to 21 months after but your payments will be less.

Your payments will be paid into your bank or building society account.

If you get benefits

Bereavement Support Payment won’t affect your benefits for a year after your first payment. After a year, any payment you have left over could affect the amount of benefit you’re eligible for.

You must tell your benefits office (for example, your local Jobcentre Plus) when you start getting Bereavement Support Payment.