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You must apply to the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register (CICAIR) if you want to become an approved building inspector.

You’ll be assessed every 5 years to keep your approval - CICAIR will contact you around 18 months before your approval expires.

You can apply to be either an individual approved inspector or a corporate approved inspector (part of a company).


You must not have any professional or financial interest in the building work you supervise.


You must agree to follow the CICAIR code of conduct for approved inspectors.

You should read the building control performance standards.

You must also meet the insurance requirements.

How to apply

  1. You (or your company) must complete an application form giving full details of your qualifications and experience.

  2. If selected, you will be asked to attend a panel interview and give a short presentation.

  3. If you’re approved, you’ll get a notice of approval, which is valid for 5 years.

  4. After 5 years CICAIR will contact you about reassessing your approval.

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) website has information on becoming an approved building inspector and application forms.

Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register
Telephone: 020 7399 7400
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Licence fees

The application costs £5,000 (plus VAT).

You’ll need to pay a yearly registration fee once you’re approved.

The fee is £1,000 (plus VAT) for the first 5 years after you’re approved.

After the first 5 years, the yearly fee will either be 0.9% your company’s turnover (plus VAT) or £1,000 (plus VAT), whichever is highest.