Class 3 or 5 MOT tester training

You need to do another training course and MOT demonstration test to become a class 3 or 5 MOT tester.

Before the training course

You’ll need to show that you’ve already:

  • got a level 2 testing certificate in class 4 and 7 vehicles (group B)
  • passed an MOT demonstration test after getting your level 2 certificate

How to apply

Email the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to find a class 3 or 5 training course. Book it with the course provider.

You have to pay to take the course. The prices vary and are set by each course provider.

After you’ve done the course

You’ll get a certificate. You need this to book and take a DVSA MOT demonstration test before you can work as a class 3 or 5 MOT tester.

Do not enter the certificate details on the MOT testing service.

The demonstration test involves being tested by a DVSA examiner at either:

  • the training centre where you took the qualification course
  • a testing centre that tests class 3 and 5 vehicles

Preparing for the test

Prepare for the demonstration test by:

How to book the test

You’ll need:

  • your MOT testing service user ID
  • to know the vehicle test station (VTS) number where you want to have your test

Call DVSA to book your test.

DVSA customer service centre
Telephone: 0300 123 9000 (choose option 2, then option 4)
Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 6pm
Find out about call charges

How the test works

A DVSA examiner will check your:

  • UK driving licence (if you do not have a photocard licence you also need to take photo ID, such as your passport)
  • class 3 or 5 MOT training certificate

The examiner will explain what you’ll have to do. They’ll ask you to:

  • carry out a demonstration test
  • record the result in the training version of the MOT testing service
  • answer some questions about the MOT

Test result

If you pass the demonstration test you’ll be able to do either class 3 or 5 MOT tests at testing stations authorised to test these classes.

If you fail the demonstration test, the examiner will give you feedback and tell you what to do next.