Class 3 or 5 MOT tester training

You need to do another training course and MOT demonstration test to become a class 3 or 5 MOT tester.

Before the training course

You’ll need to show that you’ve already:

  • got a level 2 testing certificate in class 4 and 7 vehicles (group B)
  • passed an MOT demonstration test after getting your level 2 certificate

How to apply

You can book a class 3 or 5 training course by contacting these approved course providers. The prices vary and are set by each course provider.

ABC Awards
Telephone: 0115 854 1620
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
Find out about call charges

Institute of the Motor Industry
Telephone: 01992 511 521
Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm
Find out about call charges

After you’ve done the course

You’ll get a certificate. You need this to book and take a DVSA MOT demonstration test before you can work as a class 3 or 5 MOT tester.

Do not enter the certificate details on the MOT testing service.

The demonstration test involves being tested by a DVSA examiner at either:

  • the training centre where you took the qualification course
  • a testing centre that tests class 3 and 5 vehicles

Preparing for the test

Prepare for the demonstration test by:

How to book the test

You’ll need:

  • your MOT testing service user ID
  • to know the vehicle test station (VTS) number where you want to have your test

Call DVSA to book your test.

DVSA customer service centre
Telephone: 0300 123 9000 (choose option 2, then option 4)
Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 6pm
Find out about call charges

How the test works

A DVSA examiner will check your:

  • UK driving licence (if you do not have a photocard licence you also need to take photo ID, such as your passport)
  • class 3 or 5 MOT training certificate

The examiner will explain what you’ll have to do. They’ll ask you to:

  • carry out a demonstration test
  • record the result in the training version of the MOT testing service
  • answer some questions about the MOT

Test result

If you pass the demonstration test you’ll be able to do either class 3 or 5 MOT tests at testing stations authorised to test these classes.

If you fail the demonstration test, the examiner will give you feedback and tell you what to do next.