Become an MOT tester

3. MOT tester qualification course

You must successfully complete an MOT tester qualification course to become an MOT tester.

Before the course

You need to show that you’re eligible to become an MOT tester.

How to apply

Find an MOT tester qualification course and book it with the course provider.

You have to pay to take the course. The prices vary and are set by each course provider.

What the course involves

The course will cover theory and practical training on being an MOT tester.

The course lasts at least 29 hours. You’ll spend at least 8 hours doing practical training.

There are 5 parts to the course:

  • safe working practices in the vehicle test centre
  • working relationships within the vehicle test centre
  • managing your own professional development as an MOT tester
  • carrying out pre-test checks for an MOT test
  • carrying out an MOT test

Assessments in the course

The course also includes:

  • a multiple-choice question test
  • a practical assessment

You have to pass both to successfully complete the course.

Your course provider will give you more information on how their course works.

After you’ve done the course

When you complete the course you get a Level 2 MOT Testing Award in either:

  • class 1 and 2 vehicles (group A)
  • class 4 and 7 vehicles (group B)

You’ll get a certificate which you need to book and take a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency MOT demonstration test.