Download HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools

Basic PAYE Tools is free payroll software from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

This guide is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

What it does

The software allows you to perform most payroll tasks, including working out the tax and National Insurance for your employees and sending this information to HMRC.

If you have payroll software that cannot do certain tasks, you can use Basic PAYE Tools alongside it to:

  • check a new employee’s National Insurance number (NVR)
  • send an Employer Payment Summary (EPS)
  • send an Earlier Year Update (EYU) - for the 2019 to 2020 tax year and earlier

Basic PAYE Tools has some limitations. It is not designed for agents or bookkeepers. Other payroll software is available.

Before you start

You must be registered with HMRC as an employer and have a login for PAYE Online before you can use Basic PAYE Tools.

Use HMRC’s guide to downloading and installing the software if you need help getting set up.

Updating the software

The latest version of Basic PAYE Tools will check for updates automatically, usually when the tax year changes or new rules come in.

The latest version is 24.1.24086.542. The number displays in the bottom-left corner of the tool.

Do not uninstall the version of the software you’ve been using because you’ll lose payroll data.

Download the latest version of Basic PAYE Tools

The software will work with most newer computers and up-to-date browsers.

The guide to using Basic PAYE Tools explains how to use the software to start sending payroll information to HMRC.

Supported operating systems

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Windows 10 and 11
  • macOS version 13 ‘Ventura’ and 14 ‘Sonoma’
  • Ubuntu Linux version 20.04 LTS and 23.10

Only 64-bit Intel/AMD compatible versions of these operating systems are supported. MacOS is also supported on Apple Silicon (M1) processors.

Supported browsers

You can use the following browsers if you need assistive software support:

  • Microsoft Edge (Windows only)
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari (macOS only)

Other requirements

You need an active internet connection for:

  • submitting payroll information online
  • automatic updates
  • email features
  • web links

You’ll need Adobe Reader or a compatible equivalent to open printable forms.

Using with other payroll software

You can download and use Basic PAYE Tools for specific tasks if your payroll software cannot do them.