Apply for citizenship if you have indefinite leave to remain or 'settled status'

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How to apply

There are 2 ways to apply for British citizenship by naturalisation. You can either:

  • make an application yourself
  • use an agent or representative

Make an application yourself

Read the guidance to check if you can apply and what documents you need to provide.

It may take longer than the usual 6 months to get a decision because of coronavirus (COVID-19). You’ll get extra time to provide your fingerprints, photo and additional information, and to book a citizenship ceremony. This will not affect the decision.

Fill in the form online.

You’ll be asked to make an appointment at a UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) service point to provide your biometric information (your fingerprints and a photo).

You do not need to send your documents anywhere. You can either:

  • upload copies into the online service
  • have them scanned at your UKVCAS appointment

You can also apply by post. This will take much longer than applying online because of coronavirus. Avoid applying by post, especially if you need your documents back by a specific date.

You must have been physically present in the UK exactly 5 years before the Home Office receives your application. If you apply online, your application will be received on the same day. It will take longer if you apply by post.

If you’re applying from the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or a British overseas territory

If you live in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or a British overseas territory, you have to apply by post or in person instead. Check which you can do with your governor’s office.

You’ll be told where to give your biometric information after you apply.

Get help to apply online

You can get help with completing the online form if you:

  • do not feel confident using a computer or mobile device
  • do not have internet access

You can only use this service if you’re applying in the UK.

You cannot get immigration advice through this service.

Apply through an agent or representative

An agent or representative is a private company or individual that can help you with your application and give you advice.

Check if an agent or representative is registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

You can also use some solicitors or barristers that are not registered with the OISC. The solicitor or barrister must be registered with one of the following organisations instead:

  • General Council of the Bar
  • Law Society of England and Wales
  • Chartered Institute of Legal Executives
  • Faculty of Advocates
  • Law Society of Scotland
  • General Council of the Bar of Northern Ireland
  • Law Society of Northern Ireland