UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services

When you apply for a visa, settlement (‘indefinite leave to remain’) or citizenship in the UK, you’ll usually need to use UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS).

Use UKVCAS to provide:

  • your biometric information (fingerprints and photo)
  • supporting documents for your application

You’ll be told if you need to use UKVCAS when you apply.

What you need to do

You’ll usually need to attend an appointment at a UKVCAS service point to provide your biometric information.

You can provide your supporting documents either by:

  • uploading them into the UKVCAS online service
  • having them scanned at your UKVCAS appointment

If you’re applying to the EU Settlement Scheme, you must upload your supporting documents when you apply. You will not be able to scan them at your UKVCAS appointment.

If you’ve given your fingerprints before

If UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) can reuse the fingerprints you’ve already given, you’ll be emailed with instructions on how to send them an image of your face and your supporting documents.

This will mean you do not have to attend a UKVCAS service point appointment to provide biometric information.

If you cannot send the information through the instructions given, you’ll be able to book an appointment.

Making and updating your appointment

UKVI will contact you by email or post to tell you how to make an appointment.

If you cannot or do not want to attend an appointment because of coronavirus (COVID-19), this will not affect your immigration status.

You must still create a UKVCAS account when you apply. This is so you can be contacted when new appointments become available.

If you’ve already made an appointment

If your appointment was cancelled because of coronavirus, you’ll be sent an email asking you to make another appointment.

If the available service points are too far away, you can wait until a closer one opens before making your new appointment. This will not affect your immigration status.

Service point locations

You can only attend a service point if you have an appointment.

The following service points are currently open:

  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Birmingham Premium Lounge
  • Cardiff Bay
  • Chelmsford
  • Croydon
  • Edinburgh
  • Exeter
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • London Mark Lane Premium Lounge
  • London Victoria
  • Manchester Fountain Street Enhanced Service Point
  • Manchester Premium Lounge
  • Sheffield
  • Southampton

How much it costs

You may need to pay a fee for your appointment, depending on the service point you choose. There are:

  • 6 free ‘core’ service points
  • 50 ‘enhanced’ service points

Depending on the service point, you’ll also be able to pay for:

  • out of hours or weekend appointments
  • extra services, for example document translation or an interpreter

Fee for giving biometric information

It costs £19.20 to give your biometric information if you are applying to extend your visa or switch to another visa while already in the UK. You’ll pay as part of your application.

You’ll still need to pay the fee if UKVI are able to reuse the fingerprints you’ve given before.

You do not have to pay the charge if you are applying to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Your appointment

When you go to your appointment, you’ll need to bring your:

  • appointment confirmation email (either a print-out or a copy on your phone or tablet)
  • passport or travel document
  • other supporting documents (unless you’ve already uploaded them online)

You’ll get a list of supporting documents you need to provide when you submit your application.

Family members

If your application includes family members, you must all go to an appointment together.

Children under 16

Children under 16 must go to the appointment with the person named as the ‘responsible adult’ on their application.

The responsible adult must bring photo ID with them. This must be a:

  • passport
  • photo driving license
  • national identity card
  • UK Biometric Residence Permit

If the responsible adult is not the parent or legal guardian (for example they are a member of staff from the child’s school) they must also bring written proof of responsibility for the child from:

  • the parent or legal guardian
  • a registered foster carer or social services representative

Getting a decision

You will not get a decision on your application at your appointment. How long a decision takes depends on what you applied for. You may be able to pay for a faster decision when you apply.