Appeal against a penalty charge notice

If you get a court order

You’ll have 21 days to pay the penalty charge notice (PCN) or challenge a court order demanding payment (known as an ‘order of recovery’).

Bailiffs (‘enforcement agents’) will be told to visit your home to collect what you owe if you don’t pay or challenge within 21 days.

When you can challenge

You can challenge an order of recovery if you:

  • didn’t get a ‘notice to owner’ telling you how to make a formal challenge
  • made a formal challenge on time but didn’t get a ‘notice of rejection’
  • appealed to an independent tribunal on time but didn’t get a response
  • have proof you’ve paid the penalty charge, such as a credit card statement

How to challenge

The form you use to challenge an order of recovery depends on whether it relates to:

Send it to the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) within 21 days.

Traffic Enforcement Centre
County Court Business Centre
St Katharine’s House
21-27 St Katharine’s Street

You may be able to get more time to challenge an order of recovery.

If your challenge is successful

The order of recovery will be withdrawn and bailiffs won’t be able to seize your property.

The council or authority that issued the PCN will then do one of the following:

  • cancel the PCN, for example because you paid it in full
  • issue a new notice to owner - you’ll have 28 days to pay or challenge
  • refer your case to an independent tribunal