Nipper T.66 RA45 Series 3, G-CORD, 19 August 2011

Nipper T.66 RA45 Series 3, G-CORD


The pilot reported that he flew to Weybourne (Muckleburgh) Airfield, Holt, Norfolk in “good” weather. Runway 34 was in use and the surface wind was from approximately 340º at 10-15 kt. This was his first visit to Weybourne.

Upon arrival the pilot flew a low pass along the runway to check its surface condition and to assess the surface wind using the wind sock. He commented that the approach was slightly fast, primarily because of difficulty keeping the IAS under control after flying over a hill on the extended centre line. After the aircraft touched down, just beyond the intersection of Runway 03/21, the nosewheel dug into the hard ground and collapsed. The aircraft subsequently flipped over, coming to rest inverted; the pilot vacated it with assistance. As a result of the accident he sustained a small cut to his head and bruising from his 5-point harness. The aircraft was extensively damaged.

The pilot attributed the accident to a slightly fast approach onto the downward sloping, rough surfaced runway.

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