Nipper T.66 RA45 Series 3, G-AVKI, 6 August 2011

Nipper T.66 RA45 Series 3, G-AVKI


The pilot took off from RAF Honington to practice circuits. He had completed his downwind checks, which included selecting the carburettor heat to hot. After turning onto the base leg and throttling back; the engine cut out. He checked the fuel selector and the magnetos, which were both on. As the engine did not have an electric starter and given the height and distance to the runway threshold, the pilot had no option other than to make a forced landing. He selected a field short of the runway and then made a MAYDAY call.

The aircraft touched down, mainwheels first, approximately a third of the way down the large ungrassed field. Soon after the nosewheel touched down the aircraft flipped over, coming to rest inverted and trapping the pilot. Passers by helped to right the aircraft so that the pilot could free himself. The Suffolk Police Air Support helicopter, the local and RAF Honington fire services and an ambulance also attended the scene. The pilot was uninjured.

No obvious explanation could be found for the engine failure. The pilot considered that his frequent practicing of forced landings and ensuring that the straps on his harness were tight prior to touchdown contributed to the safe outcome of this accident.

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Published 10 December 2014