DHC-8-402 Dash Eight, G-JEDP, 10 February 2005

DHC-8-402 Dash Eight, G-JEDP


As the aircraft commenced its take-off run, the take-off warning horn sounded. The takeoff was rejected, but while taxiing for another attempt, the pilots noticed a burning smell on the flight deck. When advised by the cabin crew that there was also a smell of burning and some smoke in the cabin, the commander stopped the aircraft on the taxiway and initiated an expeditious disembarkation using the forward passenger door only. An engineering investigation carried out by the operator’s maintenance personnel and the engine manufacturer found that a piece of the right hand engine compressor inner support had become detached, causing damage to a compressor oil seal and allowing oil to contaminate the engine bleed air. The engine manufacturer is aware of the issues and is addressing them through component re-design and engine modifications.

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Published 10 December 2014