DHC-8-402 Dash 8, G-JECN, 5 January 2010

DHC-8-402 Dash 8, G-JECN


G-JECN departed from Southampton Airport without difficulty; however, during the climb to FL240 the co-pilot noticed an excessive climb rate on the pressurisation system which was shortly followed by the pressurisation fault annunciator. The flight crew attempted to correct the fault, however they were unsuccessful so went on to oxygen, declared a MAYDAY and completed an emergency descent. The MAYDAY was subsequently downgraded to a PAN and the aircraft safely returned to Southampton Airport. Cabin crew and passengers were checked and found to be fit and well. Post-incident investigation indicated that a faulty aft pressure outflow valve was the probable cause of the pressurisation failure.

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Published 10 December 2014