Cessna FR172E, G-OMAC, 7 August 2005

Cessna FR172E, G-OMAC


The pilot and aircraft had been involved in two consecutive days of banner towing operations. The accident occurred on a positioning flight towards the end of the second day. Shortly after takeoff the aircraft was seen to turn left, with an increasing angle of bank, until it stalled and impacted the ground after turning through approximately 310?. Although the banner hook installation showed evidence of interference with the rudder it was considered that this was not a factor in the accident and the most likely cause was a stall following the turn to the left with an increasing bank angle. This may have resulted from an attempt to maintain visual contact with a point on the ground, and would have been exacerbated by an increasing tailwind. It was also considered that the pilot may have been affected by fatigue after the two intensive days of banner towing. Recommendations have been made relating to the banner hook installation and on fatigue associated with banner towing operations.

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Published 10 December 2014