AS355F2 Twin Squirrel, G-BYPA, 1 May 2007

AS355F2 Twin Squirrel, G-BYPA


The aircraft was on a flight from Liverpool to a private landing site with a pilot and three passengers on board. The flight departed at 2219 hrs and was later seen flying low around a haulage yard about 2nm from the landing site. It is thought the area was affected by low cloud and that the pilot either mis-identified the haulage yard as the landing site, or was using it to get below the cloud. It is considered the pilot then attempted to fly at low level below the cloud to get to the landing site. Data retrieved from two GPS units revealed that the aircraft descended to a height of about 20 feet agl before rapidly entering a climb to about 460 feet agl. It then turned to the left and descended into woodland where it crashed. There were no survivors. Examination of the aircraft has not revealed any technical failure that might have contributed to the accident. The aircraft had sufficient fuel on board and was within the correct weight and balance limitations. It is thought unlikely that the accident was caused by medical incapacitation or interference with the flying controls.

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Published 10 December 2014