Cessna 182Q, G-WMLT, 23 June 2005

Cessna 182Q, G-WMLT


The aircraft had departed from Blackpool to fly to a grass strip at Barton, adjacent to the pilot’s home. The strip was about 320 metres in length, oriented 200/020º. At the time of the accident the grass had been recently mown and was short and dry. The wind was reported as being 230º/11 kt, and in the into-wind direction there was a 2º up-slope. The strip had been inspected by the pilot on the evening before the accident; but he had not noticed a deep rut close to the (unmarked) threshold, possibly because the grass was even after being mown. During the landing the aircraft touched down normally but then entered the rut and became airborne again. The pilot applied power before re-landing, and the second touchdown was normal. Although the nose wheel was held off initially and no braking used, the nose landing gear collapsed during the rollout and came to rest after about 16 metres. The pilot has advised that the threshold will be marked at the start of the rolled and inspected strip.

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Published 10 December 2014