AAIB investigation to Zlin Z.526F Trener Master, G-EHZT

Wheels up landing, Seething Airfield, Norfolk, 7 May 2016.


During the approach the landing gear warning bell sounded when the pilot reduced engine power in order to slow down and lower the flaps and landing gear. He believed he then lowered the landing gear and selected FLAP ONE. After increasing the power to maintain speed the bell stopped. He continued the approach, lowering the remaining stages of flap. Once over the runway the pilot selected idle power and flared the aircraft; as he did so the bell sounded again. The aircraft then landed with the landing gear up and slid to a halt on the runway. There were no injuries.

The pilot commented that he thought the green light, indicating the landing gear was down, was on but difficult to see due to glare. He did not check the wing-mounted ‘barber’s pole’ indicators that protrude from the wings when the landing gear is down. The stall warning and landing gear warning horn were identical in another aircraft type he had been flying recently. Consequently, he thought that the bell that sounded just before touchdown was the stall warning, which he often heard when landing the other aircraft type.

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Zlin Z.526F Trener Master, G-EHZT 11-16

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Published 10 November 2016