AAIB investigation to Zenair CH701UL, G-CBMW

Forced landing due to engine failure, Rossall Field Airfield, Lancashire, 6 May 2017.


The pilot reported that shortly after takeoff, at approximately 200 ft agl, the engine began to lose power. The pilot immediately turned the aircraft through 90o with the intent of completing a forced landing into the wind, but the ground ahead of the aircraft was obstructed. The pilot continued the turn in an attempt to land on the reciprocal runway but at 100 ft agl the engine stopped. The aircraft was unable to reach the runway and landed in an unprepared area beside the runway. Shortly after touchdown the nose landing gear collapsed, which resulted in damage to the propeller, engine cowlings and left wing. The pilot attributed the loss of engine power to the formation of an air lock in the fuel lines from newly-installed wing mounted fuel tanks, which restricted the fuel supply to the engine. The potential for the formation of air locks in the system had not been recognised when the tanks had been installed and inspected.

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Zenair CH701UL, G-CBMW 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017