AAIB investigation to Zenair CH 601XL Zodiac, G-EXXL

Mid-air collision with recreational kite, Pilling Sands, Morecambe, Heysham, Lancaster, 19 June 2016.


The aircraft was on a local flight from a private airstrip when it collided with a recreational kite at a height of 720 ft, causing minor damage to the left wing. The pilot reported that the kite flight activity had not been ‘NOTAMed’, and the kite did not have any streamers attached to aid conspicuity. The kite flying activity had not been notified to the CAA as required by the Air Navigation Order.

Bulletin correction:

A correction was issued concerning this report on 11 November 2016. The correction was also published in the January 1/2017 Bulletin.

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Zenair CH 601XL Zodiac, G-EXXL 11-16

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Zenair CH 601XL Zodiac, G-EXXL Correction 01-17

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Published 10 November 2016