AAIB investigation to Socata TB9 Tampico, G-JUFS

Bounced landing, Thruxton Airfield, Hampshire, 9 April 2017.


Following an uneventful flight from Popham Airfield, the pilot made an approach to Runway 25 at Thruxton, in good visibility and with a light and variable wind. After the landing flare, the aircraft bounced and the pilot later assessed that he might have reacted incorrectly by moving the control column forwards. He believes the aircraft then bounced a second time before coming to rest near the end of the runway. The propeller blades were damaged because they contacted the runway surface, and it was suspected that this shock loaded the engine.

In hindsight, the pilot noted that he should have initiated a go-around when the aircraft first bounced, and then made another approach.

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Socata TB9 Tampico, G-JUFS 08-17

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Published 10 August 2017