AAIB investigation to Smith DSA-1 Miniplane, G-BTGJ

Aircraft stalled during landing flare and landing gear collapsed, Henstridge Airfield, Somerset, 23 April 2017.


During the landing flare on the asphalt Runway 25 at Henstridge the pilot lost sight of an aircraft landing ahead. He pushed forward on the control column to check the runway in front was clear, and then pulled the column back to continue the flare. He believes that because he did not apply any power during this manoeuvre, the airspeed reduced too much and the aircraft stalled and descended quickly towards the runway. Both main landing gear legs collapsed on impact and the wooden propeller shattered. The aircraft then slid a short distance along the runway until the tip of the lower right wing contacted the surface and the aircraft span right through 180º. It came to rest on grass area beside the runway and the uninjured pilot climbed out without assistance.

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Smith DSA-1 Miniplane, G-BTGJ 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017