AAIB investigation to Skyranger J2.2(2), G-MARO

Gear collapse after hard landing, Strathaven Airfield, South Lanarkshire, 19 May 2018.


The pilot was conducting touch-and-go landings to maintain skills and demonstrate the aircraft to the passenger who was a new syndicate member. The wind was reported as south‑south‑west at 15 kt, a few knots higher than forecast. On the third approach to Runway 16, the aircraft was handling normally, crabbing into the crosswind during the approach. On crossing the runway threshold the pilot rounded out and began to straighten and flare the aircraft. The pilot sensed the aircraft begin to sink and elected to go around but it landed hard and the nose gear and right main gear collapsed before the aircraft slid to a stop. The occupants were uninjured.

The pilot stated that the wind conditions were more difficult than anticipated. His first choice of runway, Runway 23, was made unavailable as a crew were setting up a banner for a banner towing aircraft. Runway 16 was the best remaining option as a third option, Runway 27, would have had a crosswind component at the maximum demonstrated for the aircraft.

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Skyranger J2.2(2), G-MARO 08-18

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Published 9 August 2018