AAIB investigation to Skyranger 912(2) Skyranger, G-INCE

Loss of control on landing after clipping a tree, Hackford, Wymondham, 26 August 2016


The aircraft approached the airfield to land in a southerly direction in weather reported as fine with wind from 220° at 3.5 kt. As the aircraft approached the runway, the pilot reported that a gust of wind from the right pushed him towards a tree on the left side of the runway. The aircraft clipped this tree with its left wingtip.

Despite applying full power and commanding right roll and rudder, the aircraft continued to bank left. As the aircraft was then approaching power lines, the pilot elected to reduce power and land the aircraft in a field of maize. The pilot, who was wearing a full harness, escaped with minor injuries.

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Skyranger 912(2) Skyranger, G-INCE 02-17

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Published 9 February 2017