AAIB investigation to Skyranger 582(1), G-CGMK

Hard landing, Over Farm Microlight Strip, Gloucestershire, 19 July 2016.


The pilot was conducting a local flight in his microlight aircraft following a period with limited flying. The weather was reportedly hot and humid and there was little or no wind. During his initial approach to the grass strip the pilot elected to go around as he felt he was too high to land safely. During his second approach, the aircraft floated further down the runway than he anticipated. As he attempted to initiate a touch-and-go the aircraft made contact with the ground heavily, causing the nosewheel to collapse. The propeller then dug into the ground, resulting in the aircraft rotating 180° over its nose. It came to rest inverted and pointing back down the runway. The pilot noted, as he evacuated the aircraft, that the windsock was indicating a slight tailwind. He acknowledged that he had left the decision about whether to go around too late to avoid a heavy landing.

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Skyranger 582(1), G-CGMK 11-16

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Published 10 November 2016