AAIB investigation to Skyranger 582(1), G-CCDW

Crashed following a go-around, Old Warden Aerodrome, Bedfordshire, 11 February 2016.


The pilot intended to complete three circuits before flying in the local area.

The first circuit was uneventful but the second landing was fast and heavy and the aircraft bounced twice. The pilot decided to go around but reported that the aircraft would not turn left in response to his control column inputs. He was able to turn right and climbed to avoid trees that were in his path; the standard pattern for Runway 21 is a left circuit.

With speed decreasing and limited roll control the pilot decided to land in a field that was perpendicular to the runway. The right wheel clipped a wall on the approach, spinning the aircraft through 180 degrees. The aircraft was extensively damaged but the pilot and his passenger were able to exit through the doors.

The cause of the control difficulties was not established. The pilot reported that the aircraft had been cut during recovery and was in the process of disposal, thereby precluding the possibility of detailed inspection. He reported that the aircraft had flown normally prior to the heavy landing. Neither the BMAA nor the UK importer were aware of any previous similar occurrences.

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Skyranger 582(1), G-CCDW 06-16

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Published 9 June 2016