AAIB investigation to Sipa 903, G-ASXC

Damaged following forced return to Nympsfield gliding site on 11 April 2015.


The accident occurred as the aircraft was landing on Runway 07 at Eaglescott Airfield. The pilot estimated that the wind was from 010º at 14 kt and he reported that just as the aircraft reached the runway he experienced a strong gust of wind that destabilised his approach. He applied full engine power and commenced a go-around. However the aircraft yawed, rolled to the left and collided with a glider trailer before flying into a hedge that ran parallel to the runway. The trailer and hedge were situated approximately 150 m from the edge of the runway. The pilot stated that when he commenced the go-around the aircraft was flying relatively slowly and he was of the opinion that the accident occurred because he did not apply sufficient rudder to maintain directional control. The aircraft was damaged beyond economic repair.

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Sipa 903 G-ASXC 07-15

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Published 9 July 2015