AAIB investigation to Shadow Series DD, G-MGTW

Propeller failure, Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, 24 October 2016.


The aircraft is a ‘pusher’, configured with a rear-mounted engine and propeller. During the departure from a private field, the pilot reported that he raised the nose and the aircraft lifted off; there was then there was a loud bang, a second quieter impact sound and severe vibration. The pilot continued the climb, turned back and landed crosswind in a soft and rutted part of the departure field, using reduced power. The aircraft’s g meter registered 2.7g on landing, which the pilot reported as approximately 0.7g higher than previous uneventful rough field landings.

The landing caused damage to the tail boom and nosewheel.

One of the three blades of the wooden propeller showed tip damage and delamination of the leading edge insert. The damage was likely caused by contact with an unidentified object, such as a stone, during or soon after rotation. No damage to the other blades or propeller hub was identified.

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Shadow Series DD, G-MGTW 03-17

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Published 9 March 2017