AAIB investigation to Savannah VG Jabiru(1), G-CCSV

Engine failure and forced landing at Inglenook Farm, 18 June 2015.


Following an uneventful flight to renew a ‘permit to fly’, the aircraft was on final approach to Runway 33 at a height of approximately 100 ft agl when the engine stopped. The engine was restarted but stopped for a second time at approximately 40 ft. The pilot concentrated on landing but a sudden “lateral displacement” put the aircraft left of the runway centre line. She was unable to abandon the approach and may have over-corrected for the lateral disturbance with the result that the aircraft deviated to the right of the centreline and then to the left again with the wheels on the ground. It clipped a hedge and turned through 180ᵒ before coming to rest with the right wing and cockpit in the hedge. The pilot and passenger were uninjured and exited the aircraft using the left door.

The cause of the engine failure could not be established and the pilot is unable to explain the cause of the sudden lateral displacement.

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Savannah VG Jabiru(1) G-CCSV 10-15

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Published 8 October 2015