AAIB investigation to Rotorsport UK MTOsport, G-CGZM

Rotor struck a hedge following aborted go-around, Headon Airfield, Nottinghamshire, 13 September 2016.


The pilot decided to perform a go-around from a height of 50 ft above the runway with 500 m of runway remaining. He applied nose-up pitch and full engine power, but the aircraft levelled at about 35 ft at an airspeed of 40 mph. With several dwellings ahead of the aircraft’s flightpath near the airfield boundary, the pilot decided to land, touching down just beyond the end of the runway. The landing was successful, but the rotor struck an adjacent hedge after the aircraft had come to a stop. The pilot and passenger were uninjured.

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Rotorsport UK MTOsport, G-CGZM 12-16

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Published 8 December 2016