AAIB investigation to Rockwell Commander 114, G-TWIZ

Main landing gear collapse due to upper side-brace failure, Lydd Airport, Kent, 1 August 2017.


The aircraft’s left main landing gear (MLG) leg collapsed while landing at Lydd, following the fracture of the left MLG upper side-brace during retraction of the landing gear after takeoff. The upper side-brace had fractured under the application of landing gear retraction loads, due to the presence of a fatigue crack originating at a ‘cold shut’ casting defect. In response to this investigation the Type Certificate holder issued Service Bulletins applicable to the Rockwell Commander 112 and 114 aircraft models requiring inspection of the upper side-brace for cracking.

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Rockwell Commander 114, G-TWIZ 04-18

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Published 12 April 2018