AAIB investigation to Robinson R44 II Raven II, G-CDXX

Tipped over whilst on the ground, Leicester Airport, 25 June 2015.


A record of the accident was captured by two CCTV cameras. The helicopter was parked on a concrete extension that adjoined an apron adjacent to the helicopter operator’s hangar facility at Leicester Airport. The pilot was intending to make a local flight and having completed his pre-flight checks, gradually increased the rotor rpm to about 80%. From the CCTV it can be observed that at about this time, the helicopter rapidly yawed to the left and rotated through about 290° before tipping over onto its right side. The helicopter came to rest with a sufficient gap between the forward right door, which had opened as the helicopter struck the ground, and the concrete apron to enable the pilot to vacate the helicopter unaided. The pilot reported sustaining minor injuries.

A rapid yaw to the left could be induced if too much left pedal is applied at the point of governor engagement due to the effectiveness of the tail rotor.

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Robinson R44 II Raven II G-CDXX 10-15

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Published 8 October 2015