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Heavy landing, Garford Farm Airstrip, Oxfordshire, 19 February 2017.


The pilot had not flown for several months and intended to re-familiarise himself by making a short flight along the length of the runway, whilst checking his instruments, and then land. The wind was from the south-south-west at between 5 kt and 10 kt. The pilot initially carried out a short flight along Runway 18, but, due to its relatively short length, he found that it did not provide him with sufficient time to complete the checks that he wanted.

He taxied to Runway 27, which was longer, with the intention of repeating the same short flight. Once airborne, the pilot turned the aircraft to the left and climbed, before then flying a right-hand circuit to land on Runway 27. As he turned onto final approach, the aircraft lost airspeed and height and impacted the ground heavily. It turned onto its side and rotated through 180° before coming to a stop. The pilot suffered minor injuries, but was able to shut down the engine, release himself from his harness and exit the aircraft.

The pilot considered that his lack of recency was a causal factor.

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Published 9 June 2017