AAIB investigation to Reims Cessna FRA150L Aerobat, G-BAEV

Student pilot landed heavily at Beverley Airfield, Yorkshire, 26 September 2015.


The student pilot had completed 3 hours solo in the circuit and 55 minutes of solo cross-country. This flight was a triangular solo cross-country exercise from Beverley to overhead Carnaby, to overhead Elvington, and then back to Beverley.

The student pilot was approximately half way between Elvington and Beverley on the last leg when she started to feel dizzy and found concentration difficult. She continued towards Beverley and joined downwind, recalling that her height had dropped to around 600 ft. She turned onto final at approximately 300 ft, and recalled that she was struggling to concentrate and manage the aircraft’s height. The aircraft struck some tall grass close to the runway threshold and landed heavily on the nosewheel, causing extensive damage to the nose gear, forward fuselage and left wing. The student suffered minor injuries and was assisted by an instructor who was first on the scene.

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Reims Cessna FRA150L Aerobat, G-BAEV 07-16

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Published 14 July 2016