AAIB investigation to Rans S6-ESD (Modified) Coyote II, G-MYIS

Aircraft struck a pole due to an uncommanded loss of height prior to touchdown, Northrepps Airfield, Norfolk, 27 May 2017.


The aircraft was making an approach to land on Runway 22 at Northrepps Airfield, Norfolk. The final approach to runway has two obstacles, overhead electricity cables and a railway line on an embankment. To provide a visual alert to the presence of the obstacles two poles had been placed at the base of the embankment, with red and white spinning markers strung on a wire between the tops of the poles. In addition, the threshold of Runway 22 has been displaced by 125 m.

During the later stages of the final approach, the aircraft suffered an uncommanded height loss as it passed over the railway embankment. The pilot applied engine power to arrest the descent but was unable to do so before the right wing support struts struck the top of the pole to the right of the runway, which resulted in the failure of the right rear wing strut. The pilot was able to land the aircraft normally.

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Rans S6-ESD (Modified) Coyote II, G-MYIS 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017