AAIB investigation to Rans S6-ESD (Modified) Coyote II, G-MYES

Stall/spin while manoeuvring in the circuit, Shifnal Airfield, Shropshire, 30 May 2016


The aircraft was manoeuvring in the circuit at Shifnal Airfield, having flown there from its base near Market Drayton. While appearing to reposition for an approach to land on Runway 28, the aircraft was observed to stall and possibly enter a spin. It did not recover before striking the ground in a field to the east of the airfield. The pilot and his passenger were both fatally injured.

A review of records revealed that sixteen Rans S6 accidents, involving stalls and/or spins, have been investigated in the UK by the AAIB since 1994. As a result, the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) is conducting a review of accident data, on this and similar types of microlight, and a flight test program, to determine factors that may have contributed to this accident history.

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Rans S6-ESD (Modified) Coyote II, G-MYES 07-17

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Published 13 July 2017