AAIB investigation to Quik R, G-CGHH

Aircraft rolled over during a precautionary landing on a beach, north of Hushinish on Isle of Harris, 15 July 2015.


The aircraft departed Sollas, on North Uist, and flew north at a height of 500 to 700 ft along the west coast of the Isle of Harris. After passing Hushinish, the pilot elected to fly along the centre of the channel between the Isle of Scarp and Harris in order to remain clear of the birds along the cliffs. However, a bird struck the windscreen causing part of it to detach from the aircraft. Due to the risk of the remaining part of the windscreen breaking away and striking the propeller, the pilot elected to carry out a precautionary landing on the beach. While the sand appeared to be firm, on landing the wheels sunk into the sand and the aircraft tipped over onto its sail. While both occupants were uninjured, the wing structure and fabric were badly damaged. There was also some damage to the pod.

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Quik R, G-CGHH 11-15

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Published 12 November 2015