AAIB investigation to Quik GTR, G-CIDG

Loss on control on landing due to wake turbulence, Headcorn Aerodrome, Kent, 11 November 2016


The pilot was about to turn the microlight onto finals just as one of the twin-engine aircraft used by the airfield’s skydiving centre descended ahead onto finals. The pilot made a turn away from the airfield to allow some separation then turned onto and called finals for a nil-wind landing. When the microlight was about 30 feet above the runway it rolled “violently” to the right in the wake of the twin that had just landed, and hit the ground in a nose-down attitude. There was severe structural damage to the microlight, including to the wings, fuselage and cockpit area. The pilot, who was wearing a helmet and lap harness, was assisted from the wreckage by airfield staff and taken to hospital by ambulance with a fractured vertebra.

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Published 9 February 2017