AAIB investigation to Quik GT450 Quik, G-CJAJ

Loss of control on landing, Sutton Meadows Airfield, Cambridgeshire, 19 June 2016.


The pilot reported that, following a 30-minute local flight, he returned to Sutton Meadows Airfield where he made a standard overhead join for a landing on Runway 19. From the overhead position he observed the windsock indicating that the wind was light with a slight crosswind from the right of the runway. The pilot stated that the approach was uneventful and there was no indication of any strong thermals. However, as he started to flare the aircraft for landing, there was a strong gust of wind that lifted the right wing and pushed the aircraft sharply to the left of the runway. As the pilot attempted to level the wings and commence a go-around, a second gust of wind from the right resulted in the left wingtip making contact with the ground. The pilot lost control of the aircraft which came to rest adjacent to the runway. During the accident, the pilot injured the ligament in his right shoulder and the aircraft was severely damaged.

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Quik GT450 Quik, G-CJAJ 09-16

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Published 8 September 2016