AAIB investigation to Quik GT450 Quik, G-CFKJ

Heavy landing, Caernarfon Airport, Gwynedd, 31 August 2016


The student pilot stated that he was practising solo visual circuits using Runway 25 at Caernarfon Airport. Having flown one go-around on the previous circuit, and not being lined up with the runway, he became pre-occupied with positioning the aircraft and flared late for landing. The aircraft touched down firmly and bounced before landing on its nosewheel, causing it to collapse. As a result of the damage the foot throttle jammed open at full power. The pilot was unable to free the throttle and the aircraft continued to travel about 20 m before coming to rest on grass at the side of the runway.

The pilot believed the accident was caused by a combination of his inexperience, a late flare, and that after the bounce the correct response would have been to arrest the aircraft’s subsequent rate of decent.

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Quik GT450 Quik, G-CFKJ 02-17

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Published 9 February 2017