AAIB investigation to Quik GT450, G-CEGJ

Loss of directional control on landing, Sywell Aerodrome, 8 April 2015.


Having just flown dual with his instructor, the student pilot was practising solo circuits using Runway 03L. The aircraft was on final approach, slightly to the left of the centreline but the pilot was not concerned given the width of the runway. At a height of approximately 20 ft agl, the pilot noticed that the aircraft was drifting further left and on touchdown it was heading towards the grass. He attempted to steer to the right but felt the aircraft ‘tipping’ and applied the brakes. The aircraft came to rest with the trike on its left side but the pilot was uninjured. He considered that the accident may have been caused by a gust of wind or insufficient compensation for the slight crosswind; the flight training school advised that the wind was from 050º at about 7 kt.

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Quik GT450, G-CEGJ 12-15

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Published 10 December 2015