AAIB investigation to Quik GT450, G-CECA

Struck terrain during attempted go-around, St Michaels Airfield, Lancashire, 7 May 2017.


The pilot and passenger had completed a local flight and were returning to land on grass Runway 15; at the end of this runway are two earth bunds bordering a stream that runs across the end of the runway. The wind conditions were calm and the approach appeared normal. As the aircraft touched down, an undulation in the runway caused the aircraft to bounce, and it became airborne. When the aircraft touched down again, the pilot determined that there would be insufficient runway distance remaining to stop and applied engine power to go around. The aircraft gradually climbed, but failed to gain sufficient height and struck the bund at the end of the runway, causing the pilot to lose control. The aircraft then impacted the bund on the other side of the stream before coming to a stop. The pilot and passenger were both seriously injured.

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Quik GT450, G-CECA 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017