AAIB investigation to Pitts S-1S Special, G-MAXG

Landing mishap, Breighton Aerodrome, Yorkshire, 17 April 2016.


During his approach to land, the pilot had been advised to use the right side of the grass runway in use, Runway 28L, due to a waterlogged area. During his approach he had been side-slipping his aircraft to the left during his hold-off, to allow the aircraft ahead to clear the runway, but he had not realised his aircraft had drifted too far right. On touchdown, and after a small bounce, the right mainwheel ran off the runway into a ploughed surface and the aircraft pitched forward and spun around. Although the aircraft was damaged, the pilot was uninjured.

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Pitts S-1S Special, G-MAXG 11-16

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Published 10 November 2016