AAIB investigation to Piper PA-32R-301T Saratoga II TC, G-MAIE

Forced landing after engine power loss, Daedalus Airfield, Hampshire, 12 April 2016


During a flight from Bournemouth Airport to Daedalus Airfield, the aircraft suffered a rough running engine. The pilot elected to cross Solent Waters to continue the flight to Daedalus. However, the final approach to Daedalus was aborted as a glider was occupying the runway and, during the subsequent attempted go-around, the engine failed to respond and the pilot was forced to land in a grass field short of Runway 23. The aircraft suffered substantial damage.

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Piper PA-32R-301T Saratoga II TC, G-MAIE 08-16

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Published 11 August 2016