AAIB investigation to Piper PA-28-161 Cadet, G-CDEF

Nose gear collapsed on landing, Sandown (Isle of Wight) Airfield, 11 November 2016.


The pilot stated that he was on a flight from Thruxton, Hampshire, to Sandown, Isle of Wight; an airfield he had not landed at before. Runway 05 was in use and the weather was good with a light wind.

The pilot established on the final approach at a planned approach speed of 70 kt . At about 300 feet, with the IAS at about 65 kt, the pilot noticed that the runway threshold was displaced, so advanced the throttle to increase the speed and land beyond it. The aircraft landing firmly and bounced. After the second touchdown the pilot became aware that the nosewheel was damaged, but the aircraft bounced again, after which the propeller contacted the grass runway and the aircraft stopped. The pilot and passengers vacated uninjured and moved the aircraft clear of the runway.

The pilot believes the initial touchdown may have been just before the displaced threshold and on an upslope. Later he was informed by a witness at the local flying club that motion of the aircraft indicated pilot induced oscillation.

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Piper PA-28-161 Cadet, G-CDEF 06-17

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Published 9 June 2017