AAIB investigation to Pioneer 200-M, G-CGEJ

Skidded from runway onto ploughed field, Roddige Airfield, Lichfield, 2 November 2017.


The aircraft had landed on a wet grass runway at Roddige Airfield (Staffordshire) and, whilst braking, the aircraft skidded and veered off the runway into a ploughed field. Recent rain had made the soil in the ploughed field very soft, which caused the nose landing gear to dig-in and buckle. The aircraft then swung around, damaging the propeller and resulting in minor damage to the wing and main landing gear. The pilot and passenger vacated the aircraft without injury. The pilot considered the loss of control on the runway to be as a result of ‘braking slightly heavily’ on wet grass.

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Pioneer 200-M, G-CGEJ 06-18

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Published 14 June 2018