AAIB investigation to Pegasus Quik GT450, G-CDUU

Heavy landing, Orston Airfield, Nottinghamshire, 24 September 2017.


The pilot was operating a local flight from a private farm strip near Orston, Nottinghamshire. After a fifty minute flight, he returned to land on Runway 11 where the surface wind was from 080º at approximately 14 kt.

On approach, the aircraft encountered a gust at approximately 10-15 ft which pushed the aircraft off the extended centreline. The pilot reported that whilst attempting to correct back to the centreline he did not arrest the rate of descent before the aircraft touched down. The aircraft landed firmly and tracked across the runway coming to a halt in rough grass on the right side of the runway. The nosewheel forks bent in the initial impact and the fibreglass pod was damaged as the aircraft left the runway; the pilot was uninjured.

The pilot had not previously landed on this runway and was not familiar with the turbulence generated by the adjacent trees and barns. He assessed that the accident occurred because he did not arrest the rate of descent prior to landing and did not react quickly enough to go around. He also stated he was disorientated by the down-sloping runway. On reflection, the pilot suggested he should have flown a few circuits to this runway in calm conditions prior to operating from it in a crosswind.

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Published 11 January 2018