AAIB investigation to Pegasus Quantum 15, G-MZJH

Struck the ground during approach, Drayton Home Farm, Northamptonshire, 19 September 2015.


Following a local flight in good weather the aircraft was stable on the approach at approximately 55 mph when it dropped suddenly from an estimated height of 30 ft agl and struck the ground. The aircraft slid for approximately 30 yards before rolling onto its right side and coming to rest. Both occupants sustained minor injuries and the pilot considered the most likely cause to be a sudden unexpected downdraught.

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Pegasus Quantum 15, G-MZJH 12-15

Bulletin correction

A correction was issued to this report and the online version of the report was amended on 16 December 2015. The amended version of the report can be downloaded above.

The correction can be downloaded as a separate file below: Pegasus Quantum 15, G-MZJH 12-15

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Published 10 December 2015